Various Disciplines of Scuba Diving: A Brief Introduction

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Published: 26th September 2011
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Are you fed up of your frantic lifestyle and you want some change? If yes, then scuba diving can be a perfect activity for you in these vacations. This activity can be performed irrespective of age or gender. You only should have normal fitness.

In the recent times, a number of disciplines of scuba diving have been discovered, which can be enjoyed by the people. For the first instance, we can take cave diving. This is a type of technical diving, in which divers use some specialized diving equipments in order to explore natural or artificial caves. These caves should be fully or partially filled with water. This diving not only attracts normal scuba divers, but speleologists also use it for the research purposes. Due to the special thrill involved in this type of diving, some of the ardent scuba divers like to go for this.

If you wish to go for recreation diving filled with fun of discovering shipwrecks, then you have the option to go for wreck diving. Shipwrecks act as artificial reefs which provide abode for several kinds of marine creatures. It is one of the aspects which attract divers to go for wreck diving. Moreover, you get the chance to see many parts of machinery and some other parts closely, which is really an interesting facet.This diving also useful for those also, who like to do research on aviation archeology and underwater cultural heritage.

A penetration scuba diving is also in the limelight which is ice diving. In order to go for this activity, you will need some special training. As the name itself depicts, dive takes place under ice in this activity. In the special training of ice diving, you come to know about the formation of the ice, the methods to save yourself from unsafe ice conditions, equipments required and so on. You should not go for this diving without special training or instructions. If you are not ready for that then enjoying other disciplines of diving will be suitable for you.

Another widely known discipline of scuba diving is deep diving. It creates a lot of excitement in divers.
Certification is given to people for the deep diving. For open water diver, diving up to 60 feet / 18 meters underneath the water is allowed. On the other hand, an advanced diver can go to 100 feet / 30
meters deep.

In a nutshell, scuba diving is not just a ‘diving’ anymore, but a lot of other disciplines have been added to it in order to enhance the fun of the people.

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